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Proof of Concept Help ion 330ht-bd

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  • Proof of Concept Help ion 330ht-bd

    Hi all,

    Very new to car pc's but more than capable with the PC itself.

    Looking for proof of concept that my project is doable so any hints would be greatly appreciated.

    1) I am installing a new HU in my 2005 Tacoma double bed truck that will consist of the Pioneer AVIC-Z110BT or the Kenwood DNX9140. I am leaning towards the kenwood because it has 2 Video Inputs and Garamin nav maps which i like better than pioneers.

    2) In conjunction with the above I want to add an ASRock ion330ht-bd ( 330HT-BD )as a car computer. I would plan on using an hdmi to composite adapter to hook the video and sound into the kenwood or pioneer.

    3) I would be using a Carnetix P2140 as the Power supply if possible to the asrock carputer

    Am I missing anything and does this sound doable? Thanks for any suggestions

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    i like the idea of having a backup audio source for when something happens to the computer(i run parrallel audio systems in my own setup), but adapting any computer video output(hdmi, dvi, or vga) to composite will give you very poor video quality-- it is do-able, but text, and other finer details will be lost in the conversion. if you search around, there have been some programs that have been made to help make it look a little better, but nothing compares to a high resolution vga monitor
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