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  • Shutdown Problems

    Hi guys,
    i have installed my car computer. every thing is working good with the computer except some time when i turn off my car the computer reboots. when i first installed it in the car i put a compastor inline with the computer so this wont happen. i have not removed the compastor from the computer beecouse i was thinking it was a bad one. i got it on ebay for like 20$. now im running right off the car battery and thing have gotten better, but is still reboots some times. i have looked at the voltage and it does nto seem to be droping lower then 11.8 but even that the computer stay running. could this be a bad power supply int he computer?

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    We would need as much info as you can give to properly answer that- car, any electrical upgrades, and your computer hardware(power supply, motherboard) and how everything is connected.

    Also, a capacitor will not help the computer stay running after the motor is shut off, capacitors are mainly used for things that have a high startup current draw.
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