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First carputer/car audio beef-up, 2007 ford escape, need help

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  • First carputer/car audio beef-up, 2007 ford escape, need help

    So I've saved up some money, and christmas is coming along. A couple of my friends have been getting their car audio systems upgraded, mostly pairs of 12 inch subs. I have always been interested in computers, and I really like the effect their (I'm sure very simple) upgrades have had, but as far as combining computers and cars, and anything to do with audio goes, I have no experience. I was thinking about installing a carputer and beefing up the audio in my 2007 Ford Escape XLT V6. Now I really have no clue where to get started after that though. The Zotac Ion mobos with the dual core N330s are probably what I want in terms of power vs. cost, but as for powering it, connecting it to my audio system, and installing a monitor, I really don't know what to do next. I have the six-cd changer, so from what I've read I can fit a 7" double-DIN monitor. Also, the Zotac Ion mobos are supposed to draw 90w at max, so the 125w smart PSU you guys have in the store looked good for that, although I could be wrong. Installing this, making it look decent, and connecting it to the car audio are where I am completely baffle though. And I'm assuming I should go about installing the carputer before I worry about upgrading the audio, or should I go the other way around? I'll only be able to do one at a time I'm sure, as the max I'll have to spend initially will be somewhere from $400-800ish.

    Sorry for the wall of text and endless questions, but any advice/suggestions would be awesome

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    Hi, welcome to the forum.

    You need to do some more reading... All that you ask has been asked, and will be asked again, and someone will tell you to search, look at the wiki, and look at the fag...

    Search, Wiki, Fag, and Worklogs.

    Good luck on that budget... Be ready to kiss it good bye, I don't know anyone who stuck with theirs.. well a few but we wont go there.
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    thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...


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      Well the frequently asked questions section was helfpul, so maybe I'll check out the fag next :P basically, I just want to know whether you guys would recommend going into the audio or the carputer first, and then I'll do more research into that one on my own before I ask more questions


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        Well, you can really spend as much or as little money on either of those areas as you want to. For only 4-800 I would suggest audio first, get some amps, a good component system, a sub. There is a better chance with car audio that you know or can find someone to help install/install for you.

        And while you are doing that you could be reading up and planning the more complicated part of building the computer.
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          i went audio first(i spent 700$ at sound advice- bad move, got a JL 13w-1 in a box with a 400 watt MTX amp. i then did some research and got 2 15" Fi BLs and 2 Kicker 1000.1 amps for about 1000$, built the box for 50$ and then left and told dad to take car to audio shop, they charged 200$ to hook everything up, i was excited when i got back )tho and kinda upset taht they charged 200$ but my dad didnt know ne better)

          neways, do some research and get the audio first, its more noticeable than the computer(initially) while ur at it, make sure u get a head unit that will work when u decide to start ur computer project. i think if u decide to get subs, building a box would be a good idea for practice(if u will need to make some sort of housing/box for the computer or small center console or something0