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What am I doing wrong???

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  • What am I doing wrong???

    I bought a carpc from a user on here and have tried getting ahold of him for help but can't. I bought it mainly because I don't know what I am doing that much and quite frankly don't really have time with 2 x 2 1/2 hour wrestling practice a day with meets 3 times a week. Here is the link to what I bought. and here is the selling page. I can't exactly see how he is powering the laptop but I can't seem to get it right. Also something that could be wrong is I don't have the relay switch but rather just plugged the female and male ends together which I figured should work and what is the orange wire coming out of it. Attached is the overall picture of what I have.
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    the middle arrow going strait down is pointing to a ground and power wire btw


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      First off that wiring is a mess... Anyways, if you dont know what you are doing, then you should read about it before plugging random crap in and potentially destroying everything.

      From the pictures it looks like he is taking a cigarette lighter port, splitting it, then running one line to the screen and one line to the dc-dc power supply. Then the dc-dc goes to the screen. It says in the image that the laptop takes 19v to power on, your car gives 6.5v-14.4v and the dc-dc regulates it to 19v.
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