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  • Mazda 6 Bose Project...

    So i have been a fan of the carputer for about a year now but haven't had the money to do it.
    So this year for x mas I am trying to get started on my project. I have been reading many forums about carputers for the past year and I decided to use an Eee Pc.
    -My first question is which Eeepc should i get?
    I am trying to do mostly everything a normal carputer can do. I definetly want to have GPS, OBDII, and bluetooth. Those are my main priorities along with my 500gb external HDD that has all my music on it.

    The hardest thing that I have to overcome is my car. I currently have a 2004 Mazda 6 3.0 with the stock Bose system in it. the only upgrade I have to this system is 2 12 inch Kicker subs and a amp. The Stock system in my car came with two amps, one for the stock sub, and the other for the stock speakers. It was hard for me to get my subwoofer in the car because I didn't want to replace the stock HU and it didn't have the RCA conection, so i spliced the wires going into the stock sub, and conected them to the RCA's. So as far as my subs go they will be easy to conect to the carputer. But my problem is conecting my stock speakers and stock amp to the carputer. I don't want to replace the speakers or the amp because I love the way it sounds and its time and more money. I no there is a way to use the stock amp still but I just dont no how?
    note: im trying to do this without buying a new HU because i dont have space for it.

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    I take it you aren't removing/changing your HU, so that makes it pretty difficult to hook anything up to it. If you went out and bought a cheap(ish) HU that has at least RCA inputs you could just hook up to that. Otherwise your only option would be some sort of RF transmitter like they make for iPods, where you tune your radio to 89.9 or whatever. The sound quality/reliability on those sucks though.

    What kind of inputs does the stock amp take?
    What is the rating on the stock speakers? (ohm, watts)
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      the other option would be to use a auxilary/ipod(if you have a ipod specific cable with the 30 pin connector, you would need to make a adapter to plug the computer in) input for the factory radio.
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        yes i found a aux input that i can use.. does anyone no anything about this?
        Im not sure if this is a safe website or not but it seems to be the only aux in that will work for my car