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  • Newbie, Laptop Power

    Okay I Currently Own This Laptop: eSystem 2513
    And i am considering getting this power supplie to power my laptop: This InCar Charger
    Now would this be okay to work with my laptop? if not anyone have any suggestions?

    Now the problem for me occurs when the the car is turned off, Obiously i don't want to charge the laptop when the power of the car is off. BUT my Ciggy Lighter still works (draws power) when the car is turned off. Does this mean i could have to mod the charger to `draw power` from the acc line? I'm realy unsure about this concept.

    Here is a picture of a car Indentical to mine (apart from number plate)

    Now i'm considering two options. As i will be using the laptop for Uni, i'm going for a temp install so i can upgrade bit by bit.

    I was thinking about mounting it like this. (Pictures are attached) (The second would just be the laptop strapped to the roof basically so i could tilt the screen. and still use it out of the car. I DON'T plan on taking the laptop apart just yet, maybe in the future.)
    However i think the second one would be more dangoures and easy to see for theifs. I'm hoping to make it permament however this wouldt be for another year or so.
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    Happy Christmas Everyone.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?


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      im just gettin started on my stuff(still ordering parts, lol) so i may not know much

      i dont think the strapping it down on the dash will work because you wont be able to tilt it back enough(the slant of the window). the visor plan would probably be the best, but u will need to run wires to power it(or u could put some clamps or something to sorta make the cig charger "neat" and u will also need to attach this to ur head unit,

      this is kinda what i plan on doing(still working on it lol)