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Installing AcerRevo + 10.4 inch in my FJ

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  • Installing AcerRevo + 10.4 inch in my FJ

    Hello everyone

    I've always wanted to install a carputer in my FJ Cruiser.
    I understand most of the setup, So seems it won't be a problem for me.

    But makes me confused is that I got 7' inch screen on my car.. DVD + Navi
    So in order to install the carputer I will remove it and install a 10.4 inch monitor..
    The question is will it fits? cause I have no idea how big 10.4 screen is.. could any one give me the dimension of the screen?

    AcerRevo 1.6Ghz Atom Processor
    2GB RAM 667Mhz
    320GB HDD..

    I've been waiting for the AcerRevo to be released so I could use it as a car PC.
    Since it's small.. and good price and no heat..

    But I was thinking to get a AC Inventor.. and what do you guys advice me to get for a power option..

    I read the FAQ. very useful! learned allot... but this thing I need to make sure of.