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Acura TL 06 carpc worklog

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  • Acura TL 06 carpc worklog

    Acura TL 2006 WDP CarPC WorkLog

    This is work in progress. I am still doing lots of research for best and cheapest solutions.

    Motherboard/Graphic/CPU: Asus AT3N7A-I
    Power Supply: M3
    Memory: 2GB DDR2 800
    Hard Drive: WD 500GB
    Monitor: 7" Lilliput 629GL/w backup camera support
    GPS receiver: BU-353
    GPS Software: iGuidance
    Windows 7
    Front End Software: Road Runner or Centrafuse
    1 Power and 1 Ground Distribution block:
    VGA cable 10FT
    USB DVD-rom mounted in the glove compartment
    Radio faceplate to work on*
    Backup Camerca: Boyo VTK350

    Learn how to do the following
    Map radio buttons to pc. *Note: It looks like it can be done with “car2pc.” Not sure how it works.*

    Any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.

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    Never mind


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      I receive all the parts except for the case and external usb dvd rom. I hooked everything up with a regular power supply at home and connected the mobo to a 37" tv I have and man it is powerful. I can watch videos 720p with no problems and 1080p they play well but you cant do anything else other than play the video otherwise it will slow down the system. Centrafuse works like a charm (30day trial) and it loads my 25k+ songs nicely. The only disappointment I have is with the lilliput 629 because it works better with my nails than with my fingers but I guess this is a con for me because Im used to using an iphone, other than that the monitor works great with vivid colors and nice contrast. The motherboard is not the cheapest but honestly its a good buy because its fast and doesnt consume much power. I will post pictures of the final installation in two weeks when I finally install it in the car. One piece of advice to anyone doing a carpc is to wait at least one month before buying anything that way you make sure that everything you are buying works perfect, if you rush it, it just means that you will have a lot of problems.


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        Acura Car2PC

        Hi batista08,

        I have a 2004 Acura TSX and am just beginning to implement the Car2PC functionality. The Car2PC adapter basically reads and decodes messages on your cars data bus (IEBus for Acura, I believe) and sends the info to your computer through the a COM port (USB connector but simulating a serial port). It also provides an auxiliary sound input (so your computer can send sound to your stereo) which is something you will require for any form of audio input to your stock stereo system.

        One thing to consider if you want to go that route is that you will need a front-end that has a plugin for Car2PC (most popular ones do, which includes Centrafuse and Road Runner as far as i know). If you dont have a front end that has a plugin, you are left with developing your own program to read the messages from the Car2PC adapter or use one of their plugins (which requires Winamp or Windows Media Player, leaving you without any kind of touchscreen-friendly interface).

        In my case I have a home-brewed front end and I have to make a program that reads the button inputs from the steering wheel/stereo buttons and have it inform my front-end what to do. One advantage here is that I can read all sorts of messages from the cars data bus such as climate control, navigation, even touchscreen coordinates from the touchscreen.