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  • Getting started all over again...

    Hi all,
    I think I'll start with some background. I started being interested in carpc's about six or seven years ago, and played with a few experimental units. I have been a lurker here for a good long time. It turns out that my primary uses were for music, so I settled on a Neo Car Jukebox, which I liked and mostly worked well for me. Its only problems were the occasional lockup and towards the end, it really didn't like USB anymore and I had to disassemble it and use my own USB to IDE adapter to add or remove material. When I bought my Silverado, I sold the Jukebox and switched to a 160GB IPod, because everyone told me how wonderful they were and they interface right to the GM radio. Well I found part of that to be true, it is large and holds lots of stuff and I like the automatic downloading of some podcasts. The problems that I have encountered are that when my hands are dry, I find it very hard to use the scroll wheel. I bought a Lockpick to interface it with the GM radio and that, so far, has been a pile of junk. It might work well for those with the Nav radios were the menu structure is a little more intuitive, but I have installed it a couple of times, only to remove it in fifteen or twenty minutes of cursing and frustration. My last major beef with the ipod is that Itunes seems to be pruning my music collection of things that it doesn't like. I have a lot of live music that I have recorded and go through the effort of inputting the information and importing it. This is, I think, the straw that broke my back with Itunes, I don't know if it is some kind of automatic DRM doing something, but I know that there was music on there a year ago that is now gone. I have a nano, for the gym, that has had its USB connectivity die, but it still works fine and charges fine. So I can compare library items from then and now, and there is definitely items that have been removed.

    I believe that this has sparked my interest in maybe setting up a car pc. My primary goal will be to use it for music, I am not going to use it for movies, and maybe GPS. I was thinking that some of the various nettop pcs might provide a good base, or maybe build something in a Voom case with a Atom 330. Is there a good place to get started? I have been trying to scan the forums and there is a lot of information. When I last was into them, Liliput screens had just become popular and they were about $250. Now I see that there are a bunch more screen options and some a pretty pricey. Would there be a good starting point? Should I be considering another type of device?

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    a lot has changed over the years-- just in the last 2 years the carputer hobby has grown leaps and bounds over when i first became interested. mostly due to the higher consumer demand for tiny, and high powered computers.

    the best place to start would be here:

    otherwise, just surf the store to catch up on the more recent tech.

    the boards with atom integrated processors seem to be very popular for car computers-- mostly because most can be had for cheap, and do well in most systems.
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