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Help!! 05 grand Cherokee with nav

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  • Help!! 05 grand Cherokee with nav

    I'm trying to set up my amp and sub to the factory nav radio I can find the wiring diagram but was told by a friend to check and see how many RCA jacks it has I'm new at this and I read tht my car already has a factory amp near the drivers seat and in fact I don't need to hook up the new amp for the sub at the actual deck but at the factory amp? Can someone try and help me better understand what I need todo like I said I'm new to this, thanks!!

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    first, welcome to the mp3car forums!

    i had a similar factory setup(a 01 mitsu eclipse, remote factory infinity amp).

    the mp3car forum is mostly focused on installing computers into mobile environments, so sometimes general audio questions are better answered on a dedicated car audio forum(there is a stickey in the car audio section with a list if you run stuck). you are more then welcome to stick around, and learn with the rest of us, just try to keep it in mind.

    for setups like this, where you are not replacing the factory amp, or factory radio, but are adding subs/amps/etc. you will typically need to add a line output converter, and install it on the wires going to the speakers (common audio store practice is to use the rear speaker wires).

    the reason that you need a line out converter instead of using the signal before the amp is because there is no easy way to tap into the signal before the factory amp--all manufacturers use their own custom connectors, and to my knowledge, there are no companies that offer solutions to tap into the wires before the amps-- therefore, there are no rca's that you can tap into in the factory stuff. though, i really wish it was that easy...
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      Let me chime in since I own a Dodge, and use to own a Cherokee. Yes the Cherokee has its own AMP, it is usually located under the rear passenger side seat. The seat flips over to reveal it. I think the tool kit for the tires and stuff is there too. They make a wiring adapter, which you can buy, so you dont have to splice into the factory kit. I am not sure on the sub, since I had an older model and they didnt care about subs back then. I have never seen a amp kit that is built into the car have RCA ports, thats why I meantioned the adapter. Dodge/Chrysler, did actually make it easy to tap into their amps, its one simple wire for on and off. Its just finding that wire thats the b!+ch. I would buy the adapter kit, because it will list that wire that will turn on and off the amp.
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