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newbie needs help with powering of AOpen DE965-HG Digital Engine System

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  • newbie needs help with powering of AOpen DE965-HG Digital Engine System

    Hello im new to the carputer world, im looking for help powering up (AOpen DE965-HG) it came with a power cord/adapter. This carputer came with a round power cord plug how would i wire this up to the car, i want to be able to have the intelligent startup and shutdown feature. Right now i have this system running off a power inverter but don't like using it like this due to having to do a manual startup and shutdown.

    Here is a pic of the back of the carputer, the power if the round plug to the bottom left side.


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    Look at the power brick that came with it. There should be a label on it that lists DC Output Voltage.
    Once you determine that, then an appropriate power supply can be chosen.

    Chances are, it requires 12vDC or 19vDC. In either case, a Carnetix would work.

    I also suggest reading the FAQs:
    All this informaton is located there for you to locate.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Thanks DarquePevert, I checked its a 19volt power brick. ok so now I have a better idea I'm thinking of getting the carnetix cnx 1900. now if I'm correct the only other thing would be getting the aopen power pack wiring? I'm I correct? If yes that is all the help and thanks the after your help and reviewing the FAQ again I got a better understanding.