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  • New project on Lexus IS200

    Hello guys. My name is Fábio, I'm from Portugal.

    In a quest of making a reference in Car Audio SQ installation in my IS200, I stepped in to the CarPC subject, and all the capabilities that are available. I've made some research, but it's always best for me to confirm with the experts, hoping that they can sugest a better solution for the various areas of my project. I'll lay it down for you the features that I want for my car:

    > CarAudio processing
    I'm searching for a SoundCard, either a PCI Firewire, or a external Firewire one. Maybe a RME or a Focusrite, but I don't now about the subject enough to make a decision. I already have a ASUS Xonar D2, and a Creative Audigy 2ZS Platinum Pro, but I think I'll have to go for a Professional Sound Card.

    > Stock look
    My stock 6disc headunit is faulty readind cds, so I can rip it apart, so I can use the buttons to control the basic functions and Audio controls, to make it as stock and friendly car user look as possible. I looked around, and I spotted the iPAC2 Interface to control the buttons, but I don't know if I can plug in the two rotary buttons that the stock headunit has (volume control and the audio control).

    > Front-End and Audio Controlling Software
    This is a subject that I've been searching a lot, but can't find anything that I want. Basicly, I would want a costum-made Front-End, with the design close to Lexus, so it can be as stock look as possible. And I would also want a costum-made APP or somekind of software to control the various features of a CarAudio adjustment processor/headunit, features like Equalizing, Time Alignement, Processing. I want to controll each speaker, and I mean the left tweeter only for example, and apply my adjustement, like a simple Alpine PXA-H701 or a Audison Bit-One would do. But I want better and more.
    The software that I would want to controll the Audio Adjustement, I would like it to have my costum-made buttons and a thing like iPac2 Interface to controll the program.
    Is there any program where I can make my own Front-End?

    > Other things
    The other things are not so special, they are the regular things needed in a CarPC, but I'll talk about them later.

    I know I have a lot of a work to do in front of me, but I really want to make this, and I would apreciate your help!


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    i do not know of any premade software that fits all of your requirements... but there are many that can work together to do what you want...

    for audio control, i know of 2 windows/mac based programs(if you are interested in linux programs, i know they exist, but do not know anything about any of them...)-- Console and Audio Mulch. both will allow you to control and manipulate each audio path as much as you want, they each just have slightly different interfaces. each program is a vst host, and uses VST plugins to manipulate the audio. there are other a couple other programs, but those are the most widely used programs in carpc audio manipulation... though i have no idea how easy any of them are to integrate into other programs, or front ends..

    sadly, there is no easy way to make your own front end, and there are no programs that make it easy to make a front end. i think that some have made some with a program called Girder, but i could be wrong...
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