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subwoofer wont power up, helppp

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  • subwoofer wont power up, helppp

    I connected the sub, and when it came to reconnecting the positive battery terminal, it sparked (as expected) but when it did, the subwoofer power light flickered on and turned off, and doesnt turn back on, so i tried connecting the terminal again, and again when it sparked, again the subwoofer flickered on, i did this when the ignition was off and on
    whats the problem? could it be the remote start wire isnt right? i've tried sliding the remote start wire down some of the different holes behind the rd4 head unit, at the moment i'm using a grey one on the right, and when i slid it down some of the others, the stereo turned off :s

    Need help, what is the problem

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    Uhh... it really sounds like you have no idea what you're doing. It more than likely is the remote turn on, since you can't figure out where that goes. However a test you can do is jumping off the positive wire from your battery and temporarily wiring the remote on of your amp to the positive from the battery. This will immediately tell you if something is wrong with your amp or just the remote lead.

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      Originally posted by Jsandhu View Post
      i've tried sliding the remote start wire down some of the different holes behind the rd4 head unit, at the moment i'm using a grey one on the right, and when i slid it down some of the others, the stereo turned off :s
      Wow... just wow.

      My suggestion: Take the entire system to an installer who knows what they're doing before you fry something or catch your car on fire... seriously.
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        first, subwoofers should never be connected directly to batteries, except for short bursts to test that the voice coils, and other mechanicals are working correctly.

        second, you should never just move a wire around to different spots to see if it will work, without knowing what each connector is, and what it does.

        third, what is a rd4 head unit?

        fourth, if you are interested in us helping you, could you please list your year, make, model of car, and the make, and model numbers of any electronics that you have, and how you have them connected(the model numbers are extremely important because one model number that we might find in a search could have very different connections from the version that you have).

        as a online forum, we have no way of knowing what you have, or how any of it is really connected, supposed to be connected, or if it needs to be connected at all. the more detail that you can provide(even if that means including pictures), the more we can help you help us help you.

        also-- because you are posting a sound system question for your first post, i should also add that this is primarily a car computer website-- devoted to installing computers in a mobile environment, so audio questions might be better answered on a audio specific forum(there is a sticky in the car audio section with links if you run stuck), but you are welcome to stick around and learn about mobile computing!
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          Do your homework first

          I am assuming that you are running the positive cable from the battery through a proper fuse size for your amp and are running the negative cable to a proper ground, or back to the battery. From the amp, you have the subs hooked up to the speaker out ports so as to represent the proper ohm configuration for the amp.

          Now diconnect the speakers (input and output) from the amp completely.

          With that said, as stated previously, you can connect a small wire from the positive terminal of the amp the the remote signal of the amp to see if the amp is malfunctioning. If the light stays on then the amp is most likely running fine. If the light still comes on then off, get some more pwoer cable and, temporarily at least, run the negative cable back to the negative terminal on the battery. If the light still comes on then off you have a bad amp.

          You must find a positive source that is only on when the iginition/radio is on to hook the remote start wire to. From what you said I think you have a Peugot RD4, which only tells us what kind of car you have. If you have a factory radio you need to need a wiring diagram for the radio at a car audio shop/website to locate the proper wire to tie into.

          If the amp is running fine with the subs disconnected then, given that the subs are in the proper ohm configuration for the amp, you should be able to connect them up to the amp and the amp would still run. The most common ohm specifications for even cheaper amps is 4-ohms. If you connect sub to an amp with a lower ohm rating than the amp specifies you could be causing the amp to overload.

          If you want more details I will have to know exactly what make and model of amp,subs,radio,car that you are trying to use.

          Do you homework first! I fear that you may have fried something using the guess methods!


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            Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
            How about the Wiki?

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