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  • Is it possible? Car Security...

    Hey guys, new to the forum here.

    Anyways im from South Africa and im getting my first car in a few months (golf 4), i have an idea as far as my car security...

    Firstly, im going to be putting in a computer and a sound system and i dont want my stuff getting stolen...

    I would maybe have tiny pinhole cameras installed (one in the dash, one by the boot like a rear view camera). I also plan to install sensors in all the doors that will go off if the alarm isnt deactivated (they will sense the glass breaking as well)

    Now what i actually want to know is, can i have like a picture or video feed sent if im in range of the WiFi (i would have to make the car a hotspot firstly) when the doors or windows are opened/broken

    This is just a creative thought...doesnt mean it will ever happen

    Thanx guys

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    Well in South Africa its legal to use lethal force in self-defense and flamethowers are legal. Be creative!


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      It's possible. Is it fesible, though, is another question. In order for it to do what you're asking the carputer would have to stay on all the time while the car is off. Doing so would probably drain your battery fast, then your regular car alarm wouldn't be effective either. You could set it so that when the car alarm is triggered it will automatically boot the carputer. But then you'd have to have it run some of script to check if your alarm was going off before it starts to take pictures and sending them to you. If I was a thief, your alarm would already be disabled, and battery cut by now.

      Basically, what I'm trying to say is if a thief wants to break into your car, he will. The only thing you can do is to discourage him. Make sure your alarm LED is clearly visible and have your car look as stock as possible. Some people even make it look worse than stock, by having wires hanging out of the dash like another thief has already broken in and taken anything that's worth taking.


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        thanx guys for the replies...ill put them to use


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          be careful ur new flame thrower doesnt kill u if ur alarm deactivation fails lol or worse still, burn ur car out


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            I would get an alarm system. Here is one that has a built in camera: