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  • Odometer with LCD

    I'm building a kit car with an Ecotec motor and tranny, I plan to use an 8.4" lcd screen as instrument cluster, I search around to find what will be the best solution to have a separate Odometer, i don't want to rely on the PC/ itx to "store" my mileage of the vehicle, since they have some legalities here.
    So I found out that I can use a small LCD as a Odometer and trip. I know the source on VSS, vehicle speed sensor, is 4000 pulse per mile from the OEM, and now a little bet different since I change the size of the tire.
    I plan to use this :

    as a Odometer but I have only one concern is how I take my pule from my VSS and "tweek" them to match my real mileage, I think i can use a frequency divider but this is as much as I can figure out .
    I'm sure some of you has been there, this could even be set to the real mileage but using a frequency generator.
    Any help or comment will be appreciated. On comment tho, I have no clue how many miles the motor have since it's stored in the BCM and the ECM do not belong to the motor.

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    Well I would suggest that you try asking this over in the hardware section, there are people over there that would know a lot more about this sort of thing. Good Luck!
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      Will do .