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    1. I am extremely inexperienced in the Carputer arena.
    2. I am technically savvy as far as consumer electronics goes.
    3. I don't know one end of of a soldering iron from the other.
    4. I can install a light switch in my house.
    5. I am not frightened of tinkering
    6. I don't have a great deal of patience.
    7. I own a Dell D600 that I took apart and never put back together again.

    My very uninformed analysis of the Carputer arena is this:

    You need
    i) touscreen screen
    ii) computer
    iii) power supply
    iv) cables.
    v) Speakers

    Requirements are:
    i) GPS
    ii) Rear view camera
    iii) Handsfree phone
    iv) Play music
    v) Play video

    Question (and this is A SERIOUS question) :
    Why can't I go to a retail/service location, hop out of the car, go have a coffee, come back, pay the bill and get in my car and drive off with the work done ?

    Re-worded question:
    Why is there not a stock standard install that would fit into 'most' vehicles ?

    If Steve Jobs were to move into this area, he would have the approach of 'this is what you need and this is what I will give you', bammm!

    I anticipate that the stock standard answer to this question will be 'well all vehicles are different and all people have different needs'.

    The answer that I am really after is one that will address this question with some creative thinking to give a solution that would suit most people in most vehicles and could be installed in say, two hours or less, with the right skills on hand and full learning curve completed, by skilled technicians.

    Really looking forward to any input. Thanks.

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    there has been a few standard units mp3car had made one, lilliput and a few other chinese manufacture has made them. In my opinion they're not popular for the following reasons:
    1) You can't fit mini itx into a double din slot easily, and when u can its so cramped that you get into cooling problems along with fitting other components in. Most of them have some problem/limitation that can easily overcome by non-double din unit.
    2) Most of them are nano itx and that comes with two problem: they've slow and they're expensive.
    3) Mostly people that want a carputer are hobbyist and we want to build stuff ourself
    4) The only way these things would be widely popular like the normal double din units is if you got a company with lots of resources like apple/microsoft that puts a lot of money into designing a unit that is fully environmentally compatible and mass produce them in large scale to keep their prices down.


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      I may very well be rehashing points that Punky made. If so, I apologize for the redundancy.

      1 - You don't NEED a touchscreen. That is just the preferred method of control.

      2 - You also need something to amplify the audio signal before sending it to the speakers. This could be a headunit or an amplifier.

      3 - In regards to having your computer stay on for a short time (like filling up with gas, for example), that is very possible. It all depends on the configuration of the startup/shutdown controller. Some are more flexible in their configuration than others.

      4 - Actually, the vehicle usually doesn't have much to do with it. The hardware choices are more based on what functionality you want, available physical space and budget. For many, a PC based on the Atom CPU is more than sufficient for what they require in a vehicle PC.
      And I wouldn't trust Steve Jobs to tell me what I need. DAMN HIPPIE!

      5 - There are complete systems available from multiple vendors that are suitable for most vehicles/circumstances. All you have to do is look for them.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

      Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.


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        Just a suggestion...

        How about you get one of the bundled system from the store then take that to your favorite car audio place, that you have talked to at great lengths about the project, and have them handle the rest? Almost the same thing just minus Steve Jobs gaying it up with his Jesus sandals...
        Originally posted by menudude
        thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...