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Looking for a high output DC to DC PSU for a gaming system

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  • Looking for a high output DC to DC PSU for a gaming system

    Hey guys, first post here.

    Anyways, I'm going to be carputing soon, well hopefully. I'm a computer enthusiast, I mod computers, I'm a programmer, and 3d modeler. I have a car that I would love to experiment with, infact, I want to throw in a gaming machine, but with that a few problems erect; here are my basic questions:

    I will obviously need a DC-DC power supply, but is there any car supplies (like OPUS) that make anything above 360Watts? I want to be able to run a corei7 and maybe a 5770 and a few SSD's would that even be feasible?

    I will start out with just one question for now, so thanks for reading!


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    Welcome to the forum. All I ask is please use better descriptions for your thread titles in the future. You get a free pass this time.

    I have yet to see anything higher than a 360w. However you could get creative with an inverter and power whatever you needed to. Usually anyone looking to do what you are wanting to will compromise a bit and drop back on their specs so a DC to DC unit will work for them.

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      i'd imagine a mini-itx board, core 2 duo and a decent graphics card will allow you to play most games at a decent resolution (7" monitor). Your challenge will be cooling, but there's many ways to accomplish it, including water.

      I'm struggling with figuring out how you'll use a keyboard mouse setup in your car to game "ergonomically". If you're going to use a controller, why not just put in a modded or legit 360/ps3?
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        it greatly depends if he will be using a 7" screen only or if he does want full resolution gaming. at 800x600, i would bet even a 9600gt would suffice for anything.