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  • Question about find on ebay

    i found this little gem on Ebay today while researching...

    Am I correct in thinking that you hook this to the motherboard and a fused power line to the battery and thats pretty much it? Should I put a powered cooking fan in?

    if I was to go the notebook way would it pretty much be the same type of power supply

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    What did you find?
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      Originally posted by Lincolnman View Post
      What did you find?
      Yes, yes! Tell us!
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        we need a link there buddy


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          Dur Dur Dur

          OK Slap my head on the screen - I thought When I wrote the link on my screen it would go on the post - dur dur dur - haha - sorry here it is

          another example

          last one

          I know this is a very basic question but here is why I am asking. The way I was reading it made it seem like we actually were puttine big psu's in the installs not something this small. So I was alittle corn-fused

          Let me know people


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            They sell those PSUs in the Mp3Car store as well.

            Check the FAQ... before asking basic questions. It really does answer a ton of questions you may have.
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              Those are the standard use PSUs.
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