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Provisional list for carpc, is it any good?

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  • Provisional list for carpc, is it any good?

    Hi, after taking someone's advice to search a lot that's what i did and found a couple of things which i might buy to setup a car PC.

    The pc is going in my minibus, my main concern is will i be able to use the PC while the engine is off? Or will it drain the battery fast enough that i wont be able to use it with the engine off?

    Also, is their a system which allows me to turn the engine on and off while the pc is being used?

    Anyway here is what i found that i think will be good for me:

    Jetway JNC91-230-LF JC110 1.6GHz ATOM Barebone System


    Jetway JNC91-230-LF JC200 1.6GHz ATOM Barebone System

    Lilliput UM-70 - 7 inch USB monitor

    Are they any good?
    Will the monitor be any good as a single monitor since it is usb based? I would like to use this monitor because it uses only one cable since i will be putting the monitor in the sunvisor.

    Also what about the pc, is it any good, are their any better pc's at that price range/size? What other products will i need to make it work?

    Also one more question? I would like to buy the products from a reliable website which has good aftersales service since i live in malta.
    Any advice which sites to buy from?


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      I would go for something with an atom 330 chip. It's going to perform much better. the usb touchscreen hmm... video over usb? how does that work? I'd be hesitant about that until I researched it a bit more. If video isn't coming out through my video card, does that mean i don't get any gpu acceleration?
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        to add to the usb screen-- from what i have read, the screen uses the processor, and usb, so overall system performance will suffer slightly, but the biggest issue for me is that you will not be able to see the bios screen at all, because the os is what allows the screen to be used(the driver is loaded in the os). so if you have any problems booting or with the bios, you will need to first locate and plug in a vga monitor to do any trouble shooting..

        as per what i have read, the newer mimo screens do decent with video-- not amazing, and certain formats are choppy, but are 'decent'...

        the overall consensus seems to be that they seem to be a good option as a second screen, just as long as there is a vga screen also.

        to answer some of your questions, some power supplies will survive crank(ie. engine turning on.) but you might need to check the features of the power supply for this--i know my dsatx does, but not sure if it will fit in a case like that though.

        if your planning on using it a alot with the battery off(i have run my setup for 2 hours with the car off with no issues, others have longer..), then i would recommend at least a second battery, or a second battery with a isolator to eliminate the chance of draining the main engine battery(the second battery would be dedicated for the car computer).
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          There's a review for USB only monitors somewhere on here.
          Just search it comes up pretty easily. But from wut I can tell they run fairly well, so long as you don't try to ask too much from them. Wouldn't expect HD movies to work too well, but I also would watch HD moviews on a 7" screen


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            traxxxstar-- just curious: any affiliation with traxxas? i need a cheap parts source for a e-maxx that i tend to beat on when it is too cold for carputing...
            My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
            "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

            next project? subaru brz
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              Thanks for the advice, i think that i will use a vga screen.
              As for the pc i will search a bit more and see if i can find anything better that fits in my budget.


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                nah, I don't even know who/what that is...
                It's just the least common version of Track Star I could find as far as logins go