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A noobish question about PSUs

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  • A noobish question about PSUs

    I've understood that the smart PSUs (suchs as this ) are meant to override the existing PSU? But I'm wondering if they can be installed to any system, laptop or desktop, no matter what mobo they are using? And how are the PSUs usually wired, besides from the connection the the mobo?

    I tried the FAQ but I'm really confused here, and would appreciate any help.


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    Those PSU's replace a standard PSU. So if you have a motherboard that uses a standard PSU, you can use one of those automotive PSU's in its place (assuming the wattage is adequate). Note that laptops don't use standard PSU's, so you can't use, for example an M2-ATX, with a laptop.

    As to how they are wired up, each of the PSU's in the mp3car store has downloadable instruction manuals. Download and read, since each one is a little different.

    -- Kevin


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      I think by "standard", kross means ATX-compliant, which is the technical specification for standardized desktop PSUs.

      The PSUs that are ont he market for automotive installs are of two main varieties:

      ATX-compliant units (M2ATX, DSATX, Opus 360w, etc.) are all meant to be used with desktop hardware.

      Regulators like the Carnetix models alter the vehicle's electrical output to provide a single clean DC voltage that is used by many pre-built mini-desktops and latops. You need to know what DC voltage you require, and that information should be on a label on the power supply "brick" that came with your unit.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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