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  • Acer Aspire

    I may have come across one of these - - as a freebie

    Looks promising for a decent carputer - What are your thoughts?

    I mean it could potentially be an easy install but still have power that is needed...not alot of draw on power accordign to what I read on other sites...

    Just curious

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    i'm using that exact comp. currently installing it and will have a worklog up soon. i plan on using rr with the elite skin as a front end, the carnetix p1900 as a power supply(recommended by another user) and the mimo usb 7" screen. so far no troubles

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      I currently am running one in my car - RideRunner w/ elite as well, and as for the power, i just have it plugged into a small 75Watt or so dc-ac adapter. It runs great! I would suggest performing a fresh install of XP however, just to get rid of all the crap they bundle with the machine. Other than that, have fun.

      Oh, and how, by the way, did you come across one as a freebie?


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        I am working on it - the person as one that they don't really want anymore - I plan on bringing it home if they do - clean it up - might even set up to boot from a Flash drive of some sort and use a removable hard drive of some sort and pulling that when I park the car at home during the winter and such


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          These things boot great from a sdhc card, i use the for my htpc and jst reboot without the card to get back to XP