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hi new member need helps

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  • hi new member need helps

    hi all I am a member on the forum and I would like to thank all the staff for the great job they do now j explained my problem I have just acquire a gps tracker for car that works in GSM and GPRS and the seller told me I could tracker in real time my PROBLEM now is to find a good software and know how to set thank you for your help

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    not sure what equipment you have available, but member Lambosprit (i think that is the correct spelling) has made a gps tracking software that is installed on a always on, internet connected home server, and on the car computer--as long as the car computer has a internet connection, it will tell the home server where it is.

    you can find more info about that in the gps section(what i just posted is about all that i can tell you about the project, as i don't use it...)
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      or maybe you can try InstaMapper, i installl it in my phone GPS, works fine.