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My Idea For First CarPC, any flaws?

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  • My Idea For First CarPC, any flaws?

    So I done a lot of reading up on these forums before registering. I noticed quite a few threads were years old, so possibly some of the info I was reading is outdated. I ended up stumbling upon the carputer idea while trying to find an alternative to all the double din stereos that I didn't like.

    The hardware I plan to use:

    1. Black Box Enclosure Preassembled Lilliput 629GL LED version Preassembled Enclosure

    2. VIA EPIA NX15000G Nano-ITX Mainboard NX15000G

    3. 60GB SSD (OCZ Vertex Series) OCZ Vertex 60GB SSD

    4. Windows XP (Already Have CD)

    5. 1GB RAM (Already Have)

    6. Mp3Car BoomzBox HD Radio USB MP3Car HD Radio USB

    I believe that is enough to get a basic system going. I have not yet price searched just grabbed links that I still had open.

    My Questions:

    1. Is there any other hardware that I am missing to get this started? ie power supply for motherboard or does that come with the case?

    2. Would it be possible to install a rearview camera with this setup? Somewhat simply, without too much soldering or fancy wiring would be preferable.

    3. It lists 1 Mini PCI slot, can I install a sound card here for better audio? Or a low powered video card to help with processing?

    4. From what I read from crutchfield it appears my car ('02 Celica GTS) already has an amplifier. Crutchfield Celica'02 . Will this effect my wiring for the audio setup?

    5. My windows are tinted so I wanted to see how the screen looked and possibly send it in to that FPD company if it is bad later on. They put something on screen to make it more visible. I live nearby so I can probably hand drop off and pickup.

    6. Plugging in my Motorola Droid through an aux works well to get hands free for me currently, would I just use a line in plug for this on a carpc?

    Any recommended alternatives in hardware is appreciated.

    Later Plans to Add:
    DVD Drive (Haven't decided a good way to install to car)

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    1. You already realize you need a PSU.

    2. Sure. use a USB webcam style of camera.

    3. You'll have to look for miniPCI offerings. There are also USB sound & video adapters that may work for you, as well.

    4. Yup.

    6. I believe it would. You can also use the PC as a bluetooth headset.

    One thing I will say.
    You are likely to be disappointed in the performance of that VIA NanoITX board.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      The 1.5GHz made it seem like it would be decent. I wanted to try and avoid too many wires, thats why I liked the black box idea. I'm having trouble finding much with more power in nano-itx form factor. The Mini-itx does offer a lot more.

      The rearview camera, I couldn't use an actual rear view camera say with an rca jack to the screen and change the input when wanted? Kenwood Rearview camera with RCA Or would it have to be USB?


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        unless you're under serious space constraint, go with a dual core atom +- ion board instead.
        you'll be much happier.


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          I took a closer look at the ion boards. I found these two on newegg that I like the look of.
          ZOTAC IONITX-F-E
          ZOTAC IONITX-A-U

          There is a little difference in price but they look almost identical.
          Anyways I'm going to look more into a mini-itx system. I read up more on via and looked at the performance charts on tom's hardware, and it is a pretty bad performance for the price.

          Mac Mini seems like a viable idea too, pretty fast processor, good video, dvd drive already.

          Thanks for the feedback.


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            Originally posted by xCaldazar View Post
            The 1.5GHz made it seem like it would be decent. I wanted to try and avoid too many wires, thats why I liked the black box idea. I'm having trouble finding much with more power in nano-itx form factor. The Mini-itx does offer a lot more.
            Common mistake by those new to the computer arena......CPU frequency has very little to do with the actual performance of the processor (look at the difference between AMD and Intel). Via processors really are only designed for embedded use, not a full entertainment system.

            If you take a look in the mp3car store you will find dozens of setups ready to go out of the box. You might also check out or for others.
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              I figure that the Zotac Ion Motherboard with the VoomPC 2 Vehicle PC Enclosure would need the M1-ATX 90W Intelligent Vehicle DC-DC Power Supply. Since the motherboard "Includes 90 watt AC Adapter".

              I know frequency isn't a good way to compare processors, but I hadn't seen any performance charts of the via. Didn't know what else to base expected performance off of.