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  • Intro

    here to say hi to all

    i found this site about three or four years ago and wanted to try a build ever since

    i finally got some extra cash to play with at the end of the month and started my build last summer

    i started out trying to keep it under a budget but now i just add stuff every few weeks via deals on fleaBay and craigslist stuff.

    right now this is what we are workin with

    D945GCLF2 1.6 QC Atom w/ 2gb ram - overkill but its a good cheap plentiful board
    m2-atx psu - gone through 3, #1 #2 were doa #3 cause a bad humm #4 is perfect
    toshiba 2.5 80gb hhd - cheap
    wd 3.5 1tb green hdd - salvaged from broken NAS
    panasonic UJ875A slot load DVD - nice slim dvd drive
    m350 itx case - cut the front pieces off to fit in 1 DIN slot
    chinese usb bluetooth
    chinese usb wireless network card
    hitachi 7" touch screen - they use NASA grade glue
    nulooq navigator - very very functional as it doubles to play games with

    XP home - Nlite and lots of services disabled
    centrafuse 2 - saving up for Auto
    AirMousePro - iPhone app that turns iPhone into touch pad, keyboard, and remote, VERY cool
    DimScreen - adjust windows brightness via hotkeys, looking to expand into phidgets to automate brightness via hot keys, still reading up on that
    MammaGamma - adjust widows gamma settings via hotkeys
    XP codec pack - includes ffd show and tons of other codecs too, easy to install, easy to uninstall, easy to use. by far the best codec pack i have found
    power dvd - i dont use it, and i wish there was a lighter way to play dvds via centrafuse
    SpeedFan - my entire install is in-dash so heat is becoming an issue after two or three hours
    IfunBox - access iPhones files including music
    bootskin - stardock has some really cool programs

    01 Dodge Dakota QuadCab 4.7 2wd
    alpine 6 1/2 - two way but dont remember model #s, good quality, 6 1/2's lack low end though
    alpine 400w 2ch - small size but had to install 2 40mm fans to actively cool, works swell now

    overall i'm not going for any thing crazy but i feel like i will never buy a car radio again cause this is an on going project that can only get better. so far i've learned a lot and continue to learn more all the time thanks largely to this forum so i'll try to give back where i can.

    BTW: Sleepyz0mby is xbox live id -friend requests welcome-