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Which would be better - D410 or D600

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  • Which would be better - D410 or D600

    I have been lurking around for a couple of weeks, the amount of information is overwhelming. So I have decided to just jump in and build something, it's easier for me to learn by going hands on. I want to build a really modest setup that will basically play MP3's and satellite radio and maybe add GPS later on.
    I have two Dell D600's and a Dell D410, from what I have read I think either will do what I want, but is one better than the other for whatever reason? The D410 is smaller than the D600 and it has a stand alone CD/DVD drive. I will be using a 7" touch screen. What would be a recommended power supply? I was looking at something from these guys:

    I think I also saw similar PSU's for sale on this site as well.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance!

    The spec's on the D410 are:

    Kit,Cord,Flat,3F,D3W/3P Proposition 65,United States
    Keyboard,84,United States,DualPointing,D410
    Connector,Header,2X22,F,2, Short,Gold,35K,Third Height,CS
    Case, Carrying, Nylon, D- Fmly
    Kit, Adapter, Alternating Current,Automobile-Airplane,V2United States
    Dual In-line Memory Module 512MB,400,64X64,8K,200
    Battery,Primary,53WHR,6C Lithium, Sony
    Assembly,CD,Small Form Factor,24X,Hitachi LG Data Storage, DModules,Non Factory Installed
    Modem,56K,Internal,Modem Daughter Card,1.5,HMS
    Hard Drive,40G,9.5,5.4,ToshibaProteus,Lead Free
    Kit,Software,Overpack,WXPPSP2 Compact Diskette W/Documentation,English
    Guide,Read Me,Client Gold
    Guide,Product,Information Portable,AMF/BCC
    Assembly,Cover,Plastic,Middle D410
    Assembly,Housing,D-Bay D-Mod,World Wide

    The spec's on the D600 are:

    Assembly,Base,Notebook,M9,32M Original Equipment Mfgr. Burn 2
    Assembly, Palmrest, D-PTG, Latitude, D600
    Assembly, Cable, Coax, LCD, D-Fmly
    Bezel,LCD,Latitude, D600
    Assembly, Hinge, Center, CoverNotebook, D600
    System Integration,Liquid Crystal Display,TFT,XGA, Antiglare,14.1,Samsung
    Assembly,Adapter,AC,65W, 19.5V,World Wide
    DIMM,128M,266,16X64 8000,200,B2
    Battery,Malaysia Direct Ship 11.1V,6C,Cylindrical,Panasonic
    Assembly, CD, SFX, 24X, Samsung, DMOD
    Hard Drive,20GB,I,9.5MM,4.2K IBM-MRGA
    Connector,Header,2X22,F,2, Short,Gold,35K,Third Height,CS
    Assembly, Floppy Drive, 1.44M,F3, USB, Sony, DMOD
    Assembly, Cable, USB, FDD,DMOD
    Processor, 848215,1.4GHZ,1MB, UPGA
    Keyboard,87,US,English,D-PTG D-FMLY,R2
    Kit,Cord,Flat,3F,D3W/3P Proposition 65,United States
    System Integration,Fee, Integration,#30
    Kit,Software,Overpack,WXPPSP1,Compact Diskette with Documentation,English
    Card,Wireless,MPCI,INTEL, 2.4GHz

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    The specs you provide don't give the needed info. I think I'm reading that one has 512 MB of RAM and the other has 128 MB. What kind/speed are the CPU's? What kind of graphics chip? How many USB ports? Do they have serial ports (not likely, and not necessary, but nice to have)?


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      Okay this is what I have:

      D600 is a Intel Pentium M processor 1400 mhz 1.40 ghz with 640 mb of RAM. It has a ATI Mobility Radean 9000 video card, a pcmi slot, 2 usb slots, a 25 pin port, a 15 pin port and a 9 pin port. It is running Windows XP Pro SP2.

      D410 is a Intel Pentium M processor 1.60 ghz with 504 mb of RAM. It has a mobile Intel 915 gm/gms 910 GML Express chipset family. It has a pcmi slot, 4 usb slots and 1 15 pin port. It is running Windows XP Pro Ver 2002 SP2.

      I was originally thinking the D410 would be better because it is smaller, but I have two of the D600's (spare parts) and they have more slots and ports so I'm leaning toward the D600.

      Let me know what you think and thanks for your patience!



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        I own a D410 and a D630. The D410 is good enough IMO to run typical Car PC apps and is certainly faster than the Atom based ITX motherboards so popular right now. I think the only thing that will challenge the D410 is DVD playback but that is not something I care about in a Car PC. My needs are MP3/FLAC playback, Navigation, and possibly bluetooth phone integration. I have no wish to watch videos on a 7" screen in my dash while driving or parked. The D630 is in another class and can handle anything. Your D600 is probably very close to the D410 in performance. The ATI chip will probably enable DVD playback if you need it. The key for any of these laptops is to have at least 2 GB of RAM and Win XP SP3. Performance is improved with SP3. I am going to do a car PC install with my D410 soon.

        You are going to need a Lind power supply made for Dells to get max performance out of them. Using a generic ps will cause the bios to slow down the processor speed because it will not recognize what wattage power supply is connected. Lind makes a 12 Volt DC ps that meets the Dell spec and is also sold under the Dell brand name. I just picked one up used on Ebay for $30.00.


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          Thanks for the setup will be very basic, it is nice to know I can get away with the Lind power supply - will save me a few bucks. I will need to add some RAM and update to sp3. I'm really not into watching videos on a 7" screen either. I'm collecting equipment and hope to start a bench build soon. I'm also doing a megasquirt so it's slow going right now....Thanks for the info - I'll go with the D600 since I have two of them. I'll use the D410 for the megasquirt...


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            The other trick to doing this is to hard wire the power button on the laptop to a switch you can install up front. I am buying a used latitude docking station off Ebay for $15.00. I will open that up and figure out how to hard wire the power switch on that. This way, the laptop remains stock and can be removed for normal use. I will power the docking station with the Lind unit.. I will wire the Lind power supply to turn on with the ignition.


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              Check this out - hard wire Lind PS...


              I'm not real familiar with docking stations, what are the main advantages?


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                I would go with the D410 as it has the faster processor. It also has more USB ports which is also of importance. The 600 ports are dont really add any additional benefits over the 410. The 25 pin port is printer, and the 9 pin port can be accomplished with a usb to serial adapter. The 15 pin port is external video which is needed for a touch screen, which I would also recommend, and makes the laptop screen size unimportant.

                I agree with upgrading the memory to whatever the max of the laptop is. This may also help determine which model you use if one has a greater capacity. You may even be able to upgrade the processor. I upgraded 2 d800s from 1.4 and 1.6 both to 2.0 Ghz CPUs. I also agree with MDA185 in going with a dock powered by a Lind power supply from Ebay. Make sure you get a Lind with the correct wattage for powering the laptop in the dock. I think most d series need a 90W.

                It is very simple to wire the dock with a remote switch. Use a multimeter to determine which connections on the docks power switch are connected when you press it, and solder your wires to those connections. I have a mono 1/8 inch jack on the dock to make it easy to then connect your external switch. A male 1/8 connector then has your wire running to th e front of the car. That way, not only can you remove the laptop easily, you can also remove the dock, without extra wires hanging out the side.

                I use a piece of software called Speedswitch XP. This allows you to basically bypass the intel speedswitching on laptops. I also suggest using Black Vipers recommendations for turning off unecessary xp services. Shutcontrol found here on MP3Car will shut down the laptop when it senses that the power has switched to battery, and restart your Front End when you power back on, from Standby or Hibernate.

                Hope you find this helpful.
                CAR: 2007 G35 Sport Coupe 5AT
                HARDWARE: Dell D630 w/ dock, internal 80G HD, internal 320G HD, Verizon Wireless Card, iBlue GM-2 GPS w/iGuidance, OBDPros w/DashCommand, Visteon HD Radio w/ Home Made Cable, Current Version of RR w/ DFX Skin. My Install.


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                  This is good info....I found docking stations for the d600 and d410 on I'll definitely go that route. From what I'm hearing I should go with the d410...
                  How can I tell how much ram the d410 will take? It looks like I can add two one gb sticks of ram.
                  All the info is great....thanks for all your help....


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                    The D410 takes a max of 2 GB RAM. It has two slots so you are looking at two 1 Gig memory modules. That is how I will set mine up.

                    Thanks, drewbp for link to shutcontrol. Looks like I will be using it.


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                      Originally posted by 1043 View Post
                      Check this out - hard wire Lind PS...


                      I'm not real familiar with docking stations, what are the main advantages?
                      That is the right power supply but don't buy it new before you look on Ebay. I just bought one used for $30.00. The advantage of the docking station is that you can hack into its wiring to hard wire the turn on switch to a switch up front in the car. The docking station also lets you take the laptop out and use it for other purposes without unplugging a bunch of wires.