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DC5 Carputer simple questions

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  • DC5 Carputer simple questions

    Ok, so I have been wanting a carputer for some time now. One of the main reasons is so that I can removed my gauges for my Turbo setup and use KManager to display gauges on LCD (cleaner looking).

    So I have a Mini Mac being delivered today (Intel processor) and am gathering my other needed items:

    So far my lists is as follows:

    Nano Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Bluetooth Network adapter by Interlink - To use my iPhone for Internet connection

    Xenarc 700TSV 7" TFT LCD Touchscreen Monitor New 2010 Model

    CarNetix CNX-P1900 Ver. 2.2 Dual Output 140 Watt 12V DC-DC Regulator w/Mac Power Cable Kit

    So that will get me the basics. Plan to run parallel, since i need Windows to run KManager.

    R_Runner for front end.

    A few questions: I am not going to have a head unit nor do I have an amp...we'll I have the stock Bose Amp I "could" use. I'm not into the loud/bass type music, so my speakers have only been updated slightly (5 1/4 and 6 1/2) over stock speakers.

    1) I want to be able to listen to radio, and what I've found is that A) I'll need an amp to get sound out of Mini Mac to speakers B) I'd need Griffin RadioShark 2 AM/FM Radio Recorder. Can my stock Bose amp be used or do I "need" a "real" amp?

    2) I would like to be able to hook my iPhone into the Mini Mac via USB and when a call comes in, to mute the audio I'm listening to and then broadcast the phone conversation over my speakers. Apparently I would need to have a mic hooked up as well.

    3) I do track/drag events and would like to record these events with a camera mounted on my c-pillar (behind front seats projecting towards the front of the car). Not sure what type of camera would be needed, other than one via USB that includes recording software. I would like to have what is being recorded, displayed on my 7" screen as it is occuring.

    Any thoughts/comments would greatly help.

    ....comeon where is this damn Fed-Ex driver

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      I'm not sure why you bought a Mac Mini if you just plan on running Windows on it. You could buy a computer that is built for a car, including an automotive intelligent power supply for less money.

      Your questions:

      1. Yes you'll need an amp. From what I've read, the Bose amps come in different flavors, some being quite easy to hook up aftermarket equipment to them, and some not so much. I would suggest looking in the forums for whatever kind of car you have and see if other people have been able to hook up aftermarket radios to the factory Bose amp, and see how easy/difficult it was.

      And for radio, I don't think Ride Runner can control that Griffin radio tuner. I think you have to run it with the software that comes with it. The Boomzbox HD radio tuner sold here in the mp3car store is probably the best option, although the most expensive.

      2. I don't know anything about using a computer as a hands-free kit, but you are right, a microphone is needed.

      3. You can use virtually any kind of camera you want. First find a camera that meets your needs (picture quality, lens options, mounting options, price, etc.). Most cameras will either be USB, or will have a composite video output. Some might be IP cameras with an Ethernet connection, but you may want to avoid the extra complexity that comes with that. There are many software options that will work with virtually any USB or composite video source.

      Hope this helps!
      -- Kevin