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wiring psu into car.

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  • wiring psu into car.

    Almost finished setting up my pc now and looking to start putting it into the car.

    I have an M3-ATX.

    I have run a 10AWG cable to the battery, how to i connect this to the wires coming of the M3?

    Are there any special types of connector?

    I'm just using a regular dell case, so there are no connectors built onto it.

    does there need to be anything between the cable (with 20amp in line fuse) and the wires for the M3? I'm just looking a the really thick 10AWG stuff then the thin wires from the ATX and thinking hmmmmm.

    I have cut the fascia off the dell power supply to fill the bit hole left by it, and it has a handy hole in it for a kettle lead so i was thinking of wiring the M3 to the female end of a kettle lead and mounting that on the case, then wirring the pos, neg and acc wires friom the car to a male connector. So it all looks neat, but note i've reversed the ususal conections so i can't accidentally plug a regular kettle lead in and inadvertantly wire the M3 directly into the mains.

    Just looked at the conenctor on a kettle lead and it says it's only rated for 10amps

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    If you didn't buy a special automotive case that already has connectors like that, then it's up to you to fabricate some type of connection. What you describe sounds fine. As for the connector being rated for 10 amps, that also should be fine. The M3 won't draw that much unless it's at 100% capacity, in which case your M3 wouldn't last long anyway.