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CF3-optimised n95 handsfree build

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  • CF3-optimised n95 handsfree build

    As a total newbie I would like to build a PC that will run CF3 efficently (quick startup, no lags, good performance) and would like to also use my nokia n95 handsfree through CF3.

    I have space for a double DIN touchscreen display with space behind after taking out factory audio system (CD/tape/radio).

    I was originally thinking of using this space for the entire PC, however I have noticed in some threads that nano-ITX systems can cause CF3 to be slow, which something I don't want. I do have room in the back of the car for a larger enclosure and could run leads for screen and USB's to the front. I would like it if the PC was still easy to unhook and take inside when necessary.

    Parts I have decided on are;
    - joycon steering wheel RC
    - Globalsat BU-353 GPS
    - HQCTi radio reciever
    - Centrafuse 3

    Parts I need advice on (most of it) are;
    - touchscreen
    - bluetooth adapter
    - enclosure
    - motherboard
    - memory
    - power supply
    - Windows (XP? or 7?)
    - microphone (for handsfree only)
    - OBD-II scanner (if budget allows!)
    - SSD HDD
    - USB hub
    - amp (as small as possible; using factory speakers)

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

    p.s. any australian-specific tips are much appreciated

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      Many of these questions have been covered thousands of times on these forums...

      A good place to start would be here:

      Then search for the dozens of reviews on whatever products you might be considering....and if you have more specific questions i'm sure people would be happy to chime in.
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