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help me set up my carputer

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  • help me set up my carputer

    hey there... just found this website :P

    so... i have an acer aspire on d250 netbook that is sitting on a ram-mount in my car. to it i have connected a microsoft gps device, and the audio is hooked up to the car speakers.
    my current windows set-up:
    windows 7, microsoft streets and trips 2010, and itunes.

    i plan on adding a touch screen...

    what i would need help with:
    find a replacement front end that works with my gps. i would like something to be able to play music, and also navigate around the US and Canada...

    so... point me in the right direction?

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    a good first leap:

    FE's are mostly personal preferance-- there is not one that is more perfect than another-- so look around and find one that suits you best
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    next project? subaru brz
    carpc undecided


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      Although riderunner may be the only one that works with streets and trips '10. Theres also the whole "its incredibly dangerous to try using that when driving" thing...but i'm sure you know that.
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