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Help Installing a carpc on an Xterra

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  • Help Installing a carpc on an Xterra

    I thought I submitted a post already but it didnt show up. So here it goes again.

    I am planning to use

    1. EE pc 701 4 gb
    2. IMo Pivot USB Touchscreen
    3. USB volume knob.
    and all add ons.

    I have tried searching for most of the questions I have had , but I am still not quite sure about the following.

    1. How do I attach the lcd to the double din faceplate. I plan to use the imo pivot usb touchscreen. Do I remove it from the enclosure and then eproxy it to the double din faceplate that I (will buy from Mp3 store). Or do I just eproxy it along with the casing?

    a) If I do have to remove it from the casing, how do I stick the controller boards ( lcd's controller board) to the lcd?

    I know this has been gone over and over again, but I am still quite unclear as to what to do.

    2. Any reviews on using the IMO pivot usb touchscreen as primary display? I will have a psp attached to be able top play games. So if anyone has used it - is there any lag?

    3. I used to have a pioneer 900bt. The wiring harness on my 2006 Xterra is aftermarket. How do I connect this to my carpc. I dont know where my amp is located ( pathetic I know). Anyone who owns an Xterra - help .. please?

    Help with any or all of these questions will be super.

    Tx in advance

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    Originally posted by ghettocruzer
    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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      1. the double din kit is designed specifically for the lilliput 629 or 701 monitors, so any other monitor wont fit very well without modification(which you could use a metra kit to cut up-- lots more plentiful). you could try purchasing a double din kit for your truck and epoxying to that though.

      1a. the dd kit has mounts that line up with teh screw holes on the 629/701, otherwise you would need to get very creative with double sided tape.

      2. with a usb screen, you won't be able to see the bios, which could be a issue later on when the computer decides not to boot for unslotted ram, not sure on teh psp idea though-- the screen is usb, so it does have less bandwidth than a normal vga screen. almost all the reviews i have read on usb screens say that the higher the res of the movie, the choppier the playback.

      3. were you planning on removing the pioneer, or adding to it?
      if you were planning on adding to it, it has some aux inputs on the back that you could use(or use a p-bus aux adapter)

      if you were planning on removing it, it might be possible that your truck doesn't have a amp(the deck powered the speakers), so you would need to add one--motorcycle amps are small and cheap, but larger, aftermarket amps have more power-- the end choice is up to you.
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        I also have a 2006 Xterra, it's not a bad vehicle for a CarPC.

        1) That double din kit you mentioned requires a trim kit of some sort since it's smaller than the Xterra dash opening. It also don't work well with the in-dash stereo mounts. You can fit a Xenarc 700tsv behind the Xterra dash with only minor trimming. You'll have to make some sort of mount to hold the screen in place, but it doesn't have to look pretty since no one will see it.

        2) See soundman98's post. I don't recommend a USB screen either.

        3) That Pioneer unit that you have has a built-in amp. The only Xterra model with a separate amp is the SE model with the Rockford Fosgate stereo system.


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          Thanks guys. Very helpful information.

          Just to clarify. The usb display device would be inaddition to the laptop's lcd. The laptop will be in my glove box, and connectiosn will run to it. But the usb lcd display would be the primary and probably the only display on the car. That way I can remove my laptop whenever I want from the car.

          So I need to buy an amp? Dang it.... Any recommendations?


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            like i said, motorcyle type amps are reported to be just as good as factory stereos(don't use one myself, so can't confirm), and run about $25-50 depending on model. aftermarket amps(like alpine, kenwood, pioneer, etc.) are usually more expensive, but are more powerful, and usually start at about $100. so it depends on what you are looking for.

            personally, i don't think that any particular brand/model amp is any better than any other(audible sound quality-wise-- audiophiles would argue that higher priced amps have a better sound, but the un-audiophile ear probably will never know the difference), but is really a difference in features(crossovers, input sensitivity, etc.)
            My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
            "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

            next project? subaru brz
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              I put Alpine amps under the front seats, plenty of room.


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                Originally posted by Machinehead View Post
                I put Alpine amps under the front seats, plenty of room.
                How did you run the wiring? What I have now is the end of wiring harnesses (stock) without a HU. How do I connect this to the amp.

                Pics would be super ..

                Tx in adv


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                  installing a PIoneer amp.

                  I bought myself this amp.

                  It has something called speaker input and RCA inputs. What are speaker inputs? I assumed that I needed to buy an aftermarket wiring harness to connect the speaker OUTPUT to the factory wiring harness( which I assume are what the speakers are wired to). If this is not the case, how do I run the speaker wire from the amp' ..

                  Someone please advice.


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                    speaker inputs would allow you to use a deck that does the amplification, and connect it directly to the amp without using line level adapters-- not applicable for a carputer..

                    for speaker connection, the 2 primary ways would either be to connect the amp outputs to the factory speaker wires in the dash, or to run new speaker wire to each speaker.
                    My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
                    "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

                    next project? subaru brz
                    carpc undecided


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                      Thank You! That was a quick reply.