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  • Test Bench Power Supply

    I am in the process of firing up my first carpc build and have it assembled but I would like to get it running on my test bench before I start wiring it in my car. Can I use something like this....

    It's a 25A power supply and it's putting out 13.4V so I can't think of any reason I can't use it but I figured I would ask as I have never done a DC power build like this before. I am assuming I attach the red power lead to red positive terminal on the supply and the black ground to the negative on the bench supply?

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    It sounds like the output is correct however I would be tempted to throw a small battery into the equation just to ensure the supply of DC is clean. I am running a couple lawn tractor batteries I had lying around with a battery charger trickle charging when necessary. It's been running on and off for a couple of months on my bench with no issues.
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