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integrating ipod directly with car speakers

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  • integrating ipod directly with car speakers

    basically i want to hook up my ipod directly to the speakers in the car, since it doesnt have a stereo or radio in the dash. can anyone help?
    i was thinking of wiring the pins in the dash into a heaphone jack, but i dont know how to go about this.
    i have '94 vauxhall corsa, blue... if that helps


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    oh, an easy one! you will need a amp of some sort-- either a factory amp, if your car has one or a aftermarket amp--the 2 primary options here would be a small motorcycle amp, which go for about $25-50, or a larger, name brand type amp that usually start at abouth $100, and go up from there, depending on features.

    the motorcycle amp is best for a basic amp-- do not expect it to be much better than factory sound, and loudness.

    the name brand, car audio amps are for if you are looking for something with more power than factory sound.
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