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What amp for my Rockford Fosgate 12" P3 sub?

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  • What amp for my Rockford Fosgate 12" P3 sub?

    I'm very new to car audio and I just recently bought a 12" P3 subwoofer. I'm looking to get a better amp to power the sub, what specs should i look for while looking at amps? The power handling on the subwoofer is 500 Watts RMS/1000 Watts Max. Any help is appreciated.

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    any 500w-rms/1000w-max amp would be fine (everyone has their own brand preferance, and budget, so i won't go any farther than that ).

    also, this forum is mainly for car computers, so just a little bit of fair warning that most audio questions don't get answered as fast as they would on a normal car audio forum(there is a sticky in the car audio section with links if your not familiar with any)
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      i have the p3 12" sub
      i use this pioneer amp to power it.

      not necessarily an amp made for subs, but it shakes the living crap out of my car.
      everyone is super surprised that it's only one sub i have in my trunk.

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        also, this forum is mainly for car computers
        I posted this before actually taking the time to read up on the forums, all i saw was MP3Car so i posted away.

        Thank you for the input