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  • Newb looking for a solution

    Hi All,

    I am a newb to custom car A/V and wondered if someone reading this can help point me in the right direction.

    I have a 1990 Land rover defender (UK military based vehicle for our US cousins) and amongst other projects on it i am looking for some in car entertainment.

    Quality is not an issue as if you have ridden in one you will know they are noisy and thats an understatement. To make it noisier i am currently fitting a V8.

    I am after some compact (not even single DIN) in car MP3 player i can stick a USB or Memory card in with some music. Just to a couple of speakers for when i am stuck in traffic or offroading. Nothing flash.

    I was thinking something like a pocket MP3 player with enough oomph to drive car speakers.

    I dont mind making something or modifying something to do the job. I just fancied it hidden hence the sub DIN size.

    Any help would be great. I have searched Google but not found a lot.


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    I love Defenders and have always wanted one, but the right one for the right price has never crossed my path. I thought they all came with V8s, maybe it's just the USDM ones.

    Anyway, it's possible to have a sound system with just a pocket mp3 player, but you will need to add least a small amplifier. No player will have enough power to play directly to the car's speakers. They are only designed to power small, highly efficent headphones. Some are not even powerful enough to power larger headphones. Otherwise install it just like any other aftermarket stereo installation, player (instead of stereo) to amplifier to speakers.


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      Cool cheers.

      I was lucky enough to live and work in the bay area (san Jose) for a while. I really love it there and miss it loads.

      Defenders in Ca where V8's Some TDI's where imported but due to the fact they barely meet the slackest EU crash safety (hence the current rumours and redesign) they where only imported for a few years.

      I think most markets they tend to be oil burners (Diesel). Mine is a late Turbo Diesel (REALLY slow) hence my desire for a V8 rumble and a little more respectable performance. I have a 4.0 from a Range rover to go in

      I'll get an amp e.t.c and go about it that way. Cheers for the info dude.

      Stay safe



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        You could also install a regular HU in the glovebox or somewhere hidden, run an extension headphone jack cord to a location of your choice and connect your iPod/MP3 player to it.

        For example, HU in the glovebox -> extension cord to armrest console -> MP3 player plugged into extension cord.

        That way you have a radio and an amp and your (Hidden) MP3 player. Just a thought.
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