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  • New to the site with big ideas

    Hey all! My name is Steve, and I have been a long time lurker of this site. I decided I was finally going to build a PC for my car, because I was sick of the limited potential of in dash head units and MP3 technology.

    My best system in the past was a high end Alpine head unit with iPod interface. It was tough to control it while driving, and the potential I thought I could bring in wasn't there.

    Fast forward, I have decided to build one for my 2000 Intrigue. I have many ideas, and many questions, so I will continue in my searches. Here is what I am hoping to accomplish with my carputer:

    -MP3 library
    -Video Library (For the passengers of course)
    -GPS Navigation
    -FM Tuner and HDRadio
    -Complete control of the sound's dynamics (EQ control)

    I don't want any part of it to look like WIndows (or Linux, Mac) when I am using it. I don't know yet how to go about this, but I'm sure I'll figure it out.

    Another thing I am hoping to accomplish is a second setup dedicated to a computer interface for my speedometer, tach, and everything else. I already have a rough idea of the mechanics, now its just figuring out how to make it an "instant on" type deal, with minimal start time. I started thinking of older Windows CE based "PC Companions" which had the OS burned into a ROM, allowing them this, but the technology of one of these may be limited to getting the functionality I want.

    A lot of question with tons of ambition and drive. I just need to get started! It feels great to be here!!
    Dirty Rockstar

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    Originally posted by menudude
    thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...


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      mp3 library still an issue i'm guessing


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        Shhh! I'm trying to listen to Pantera

        Originally posted by surfntomm View Post
        mp3 library still an issue i'm guessing
        a mp3 library doesnt make any sense... You have to be quiet in a library..

        Now a mp3 collection is easy...

        Step 1. Buy Music
        Step 2. Store Music
        Step 3. Rinse and Repeat till happy with collection
        Step 4. Enjoy

        Now how you use or access that collection is another animal all together... Perhaps the Front End section under the Software Section would help...
        Originally posted by menudude
        thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...


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          Ha, these guys are just messing with you!
          You're going too far back, you're worrying about things that have already been solved for you. There are a number of front end applications which run on top of Windows, Linux and Macintosh. The most popular one is Road Runner, it gives you a completely customized front end which looks like a media player and maps all the buttons to Windows on the backend. It runs all your music (library), videos, GPS and everything else for you.

          People are already way ahead of you on this, you just need to install the software and enjoy.
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