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    what's goin on everyone. i've been a part of this forum for quite a while but couldn't participate because my car wasn't in working order. but now i'm all good to go and i can start getting my project under way.

    so....basically i have a 2002 firehawk which i'm in the process of fixing up (the previous owner really messed up the car). so far the only thing that i've been able to do with the electronics is change out the cd player (i'll tell you guys the details of what went wrong later). i got a Pioneer DEHP7200HD as a gift from my mom. I know everyone here mostly deals with carpc's but i got this as a gift and it does everything i need it to. i'll end up doing a carpc install later on however.

    for my next part of the project i'll be doing the following:
    - upgrade the speakers
    - i want to remove the rear seat and make a fiberglass box that will hold a sub, amp rack, and 2 (maybe 4) speakers
    - i want to redo the doors and make them look nicer because they are pretty scratched up at right now
    - after getting the box built for all the equipment, i want to seal off the factory speaker locations, that way you won't be able to tell where the speaker were previously
    - for the finishing touch on everything, i'll be vinyl wrapping everything to make it look stock. i'm still deciding on what i want to do with the box.