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A screen? :(

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  • A screen? :(

    Hey people, im eager to get started with my carputer but i need some help sourcing a touchscreen.

    Im not too fussed about the size of the screen, i just want something thats a single DIN flip out prefrebly. A double if thats all i can get.

    Im hoping to spend less than £200 but wanting to keep it as cheap as possible. The only ones ive seen have DVD players and gps etc built in...i just want a touch screen with a VGA & USB connection :/

    Any recommendations?


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    Single-DIN flip-outs suck.
    Read all you can about them on these forums before you decide to go down that road.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      alright so the gears/motors fail a lot....any other routes i can take?

      I dont want to be too obtrusive and start hacking away at my dash to put a screen in, but i want it there.
      I would jump at a normal lilliput double din but they seem to go abit over my budget and theres no real security with them? i mean the screens just....there, cant be hidden away?


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        check ebay--carefully
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          My best advice would be to check an auto parts yard (scrap/junk yard) and see if they have the dash or radio bezel that surrounds your radio. That way you can hack it up to fit the monitor without having to worry about ruining your car and you can save money by getting a cheaper non-flipout screen.

          I currently have a xenarc 700IDT that I'm going to be selling in the near future. It's a single DIN flipout monitor, its nice because it worked well in my previous car. It has its drawbacks, like it doesn't look as nice as a flush mounted monitor, but its pretty nice overall.
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