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Jaguar MK2 with its MP3

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  • Jaguar MK2 with its MP3

    Hello guys in Mp3car forum,

    I would like to install Mp3 in my Jaguar MK2 so that whenever I travel, I can play my favorite musics. Can you help me to do that?

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    moved to newbie section...this is the best place for an answer to this, assuming by mp3 you mean car computer.
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      If mp3's are all your after having a port to plugin your mp3 player might be your best bet. Unless i'm mistaken in your motives.

      There are also some stereos that will accept a usb device, so you can plugin a 500 gig usb hard drive that's been loaded with your music and be good to go. I believe kenwood makes one that has nav and video to boot.
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