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  • Motherboard

    I'm not new to building pc's, but new to building them for the automotive enviornment. Do I need to select a motherboard that's made for the auto enviornment or can I use one from an older desktop pc? Will the desktop motherboards work with the automotive power supplies is more of what I'm asking.

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    you can use any motherboard with a standard atx power connector. I would say ANY motherboard would work, but select Dell motherboards and other manufacturers have proprietary connections which could cause hassle. If you've got the white 20-24pin atx power connector you're good to go. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      Thank you for the prompt reply. I bought a refurbished ATX board from 3bTech. They seem the be the only place around that does not charge an ton of shipping to Alaska.
      It's a K7VT4A Pro from ASRock. I bought it to make me a HT pc to use with my old Athlon 1800XP processor. It has AGP slot for graphics. Come to find out, everything has switched to PCI Express. I'll use this board for the carputer and buy a newer board for my HT pc.
      My next question, would this board handle the M3-ATX power supply without any problems? I want to shut down and turn on the pc with the ignition.