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First time carputer-er :)

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  • First time carputer-er :)

    Well Ive done quite a lot of reading on here lately, learnt quite a lot.

    Im going to be using a dell sx260, carnetix p1240 and a flipout touch screen.

    Im going to be installing it into a citroen C2 (big gulp)

    I dont see many people doing it in these cars. Is there a reason for this? (other than its a citroen

    I know theres people that have used this setup though. Anybody willing to give me any tips & tricks to this?

    Ive just been looking at everything and wondering where do i start...

    My plan so far is;

    1, power into the cab
    2, ignition to carnetix
    3, carnetix to screen
    4, carnetix to computer
    5, screen to computer
    6, gps etc installed.

    Im going to be powering the screen on the secondary output (the brown cable?) as its also 12v.

    Im also going to be using 8gauge cable from the battery.

    Anybody any ideas/ suggestions for me?

    (I could do with some help on the wiring for the power, i dont want to get any of this wrong. The computers 12v)