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Leaving a carpc in standby (m2atx)

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  • Leaving a carpc in standby (m2atx)

    I am wondering if anyone actually leaves there computer running in some kind of hibernate/standby when not in use rather than shutting down? I have a pretty low draw system using an atom based system rather than a full desktop chip but I still wanted to see if anyone was doing this. It seems like it would be less wear and tear on the system if you could just do this rather than shutdown/boot cycles that go on normally.

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    most people uses hibernation, and that actually draw zero current.
    standby, if you're using s3 hybrid sleep with windows 7, depending on your psu configuration and your batter could work very well. I'm currently doing it, and i know others who have done it as well.


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      With either of those settings, hibernate or sleep, have you had many instances of the pc hanging on wake? I seem to have that happen on desktops whenever I try to use those settings and always just end up going back to always on.


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        not if all your software and drivers are installed properly.


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          search the forums, there are plenty of threads on hibernation and hybrid sleep. I use hybrid sleep every day and don't have any problems either in power issues or hanging.
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            I've been using S3 sleep with Windows XP (no hybrid sleep) every day for about a year with no problems so far. Keep in mind this will probably drain the battery after a few days, but that isn't a problem for me, since I drive every day.

            Hibernate draws no power, of course. But it starts up slower, almost as slow as a cold boot.