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CarPC for 2004 Subaru Forester X

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  • CarPC for 2004 Subaru Forester X

    Hi there,

    Just brought a forester 2004 for my weekend driving (With a broken CD Player).

    So i was thinking rather then buying another cd player for some $300 why not put up a carpc on the Double Din.

    My main goal to achive:

    -MP3 playback
    -Video Playback
    -AM/FM radio
    -GPS navigation
    -Reverse parking camera
    -wireless internet access (wifi, and cellular)
    -ODB II reading/tuning.

    Down the road i might change to some short of decent sound system with some good sub woofer and speaker set, so keeping that in mind need some good sound output power too.

    I am new to the carputer world so has knowledge next to nothing, so i would like some professional opinion on,

    -should i buy a complete double din package with built in touchscreen
    -Or should i start from scratch and build one myself.

    My budget is around $1,200 AUD ($1,000USD i guess)

    If someone can provide me some link to a complete made up package or can suggest me the parts that should fit in the foresters double din, then it would be really appreciated.

    Thanks in Advance.

    PS: i am also thinking of taking professional help around my area (Sydney, Australia) so if anyone down here do this business please give me a buzz.

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    the faq's are a great place to start. the mp3 car store does offer some prebuilt units, though, i think it takes all the fun out of a project like this, but to all their own..
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    carpc undecided


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      Well i have decided to go down the custom car pc road, Seriously where is the fun on pre build machine.

      I am going to have a Dual monitor setup, which i has been inspired by Member: Techy101, My setup should be like that:

      1st VGA monitor mount in H0010SA950ML on top of the dashboard to display the navigation screen exclusively + reverse camera

      2nd DVI monitor Mount on the in dash double din replacing the cd player to control the music, and other stuff.

      The M350 Mini ITX going to be under the front Passenger seat, i have put up a shopping list for what i will need to complete the setup:

      Zotac IONITX-D-E Mini-ITX Motherboard $169.99

      M2-ATX 160 Watt Intelligent Power Supply $69.99

      Double Din Liliput GL629-70NP/C/T/DVI Touch Screen Monitor $299.99

      Double DIN Lilliput EBY701-NP/C/T Touch Screen Monitor $234.99

      Mini-Box M350 Mini ITX Enclosure $39.95

      HQCTi $159.99

      HQCTi Wiring Kit $29.99

      28mm Rear View CCD Camera with Night Vision LED's $49.99

      Andrea Super Beam Microphone $39.99

      Joycon EX Steering Wheel Interface $39.99

      OBD II USB ELM323 $29.99

      USB SiRF III GPS Receiver $49.99

      40Gb Intel X25-V Solid State Drive SSD SSDSA2MP040G2R5 $129.95

      H0010SA950ML $100.00

      Now my only concern in its getting bit out of control on budget, i started with 1K, now i end with $1500 only for the parts, + that bloody $200 shipping from usa to Australia + shaky currency conversation.

      Its seems the biggest expensive item up here is the two monitor, i cant beleive a 7" monitor can cost $300 a piece!!

      Do you guys have any suggestion on any alternative hardware i can use, or any similar store here in australia so i dont have to pay that import tax (for over1K items) and silly shipping cost.

      I shall start my projest from 2nd or 3rd week of June, now get back to saving those pennies!!


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        There are better & cheaper alternatives for radio than the HQCTi.

        And small monitors w/ VGA input are expensive because they serve such a small market.

        Also, you can save a few bucks by making the second monitor non-touch. You probably don't need touch control for both screens.
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

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          Hey Sajib, good luck with the Forester mate. I have just bought an '03 X and have started building my pc also. It's not going to be hooked up for a while but I have 85% of the bits just have to find the time to do it all. I had one in a 180sx a couple of years back and loved it so I'm hanging to have one in the Forry. Let me know how you go with yours.