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Locating computer in glovebox. Any advice?

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  • Locating computer in glovebox. Any advice?

    I'm looking at building a mini-ITX comp in the glovebox of my car, no case, just bolting everything straight in. How many of you have tried this and what issues have you had with this location?

    The glovebox seems to be the only place in my car with any sort of protection. I'm down in Australia so my climate is fairly dry with temperatures ranging from -2C (28F) on a cold winter morning to 45C (113F) on a bad summers day.

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    mine is not in the glovebox, but is under the seat, all the components bolted to a sheet of plexiglass-- it works fine.

    for a glovebox install, if you haven't considered ventilation, it is something that needs to be planned out-- most glove boxes have very little airflow, so heat(both from the carputer parts, and from stagnant air that was heated up while the car was parked) can become a issue
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      I was thinking that I could but a hole in the front of the glovebox and insert a fan covered with a dust filter on a switch so that it can be turned on and off as desired. As for under the seat, car gets very muddy at times (4WD much?) so not really where I want my computer.