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Help! A series of odd unrelated problems...or maybe not

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  • Help! A series of odd unrelated problems...or maybe not

    I have a few issues that seem to be unrelated, but maybe they aren't. I just can't seem to fingure it out. Here is my set-up:

    Processor1.3GHz Ultra Low Power C7/533 MHz FSB
    Graphics Integrated VIA UniChrome Pro AGP graphics with MPEG-2 accelerator
    ChipsetsVIA CN700 northbridge
    VIA VT8237R southbridge
    AudioVIA VT1618 8 channel AC'97 codec + Composite/RCA Line Outputs
    USB 4x USB 2.0
    LAN1x 10/100 Mbps VIA VT6103 10/100
    BIOSAward BIOS, LPC 4/8Mb flash memory
    M2-ATX Smart Power Supply:160 Watts Power Output,

    Xenerc Model 702TSV
    Windows XP
    Sirius SC-C1 with a MJS-SC-C1 interface
    Audio is hooked up to the aux input of my head unit via RCA
    Curious Tech RPC-1 CarPC Remote System
    Centrafuse 3.1

    Issue #1 - The random ground loop. When I first installed the system I was getting some serious alternator whine. I have tried several ground locations, sanded to bare metal, dielectric grease, the whole 9 yards. The ground loop has gotten better, but never really gone away...unless it is raining outside. Then it disappears, only to come back when it dries up. I'm thinking I've got a bad chassis ground, but I can't figure out where else to try.

    Issue #2 - The not so random white monitor. In the morning when I start up the truck to go to work, after being in the garage all night the PC will un-hibernate, the monitor will power on, but all I will get is a white screen. I know the PC is working because the music will start playing. Most of the time, if I turn the monitor off for a few minutes, then back on it will work. This only happens first thing in the morning, or after the truck has sat idle for a while (>5 hours-ish). I can make stops all afternoon and everything works fine, but if it sits idle for too long...

    Issue #3 - If I use the remote to boot the PC while the truck ignition is still off, everything works but the Sirius. The Sirius adaptor gets a constant 12v (non switched). Everything else gets power from the PC power supply, so it starts up exactly the same way if I use the remote or start the ignition. When I boot with the remote, I will get the artist, song info across the top of Centrafuse, but no sound. Music off the HDD will play fine. If I close Centrafuse and re-open it, everything works fine.

    These things may be totally unrelated...or not. Sometimes it helps to look at things with a fresh set of eyes. Any thoughts?