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I want to make the most out of what I do I do that?

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  • I want to make the most out of what I do I do that?

    Basically I want to know three things. How can I make my system sound good with the equipment I have? What can I add to it to make it better? And how can I make it last a while?

    Kenwood KAC-7204 amp

    Two 15" kicker comp's

    Two kicker DS350 3.5's in the front

    Two Kicker DS Series 6x9's in the back

    I'm driving an '87 oldsmobile cutlass ciera and the sound I'm looking for is clear music in the inside and the bass in the trunk...this setup is just tot hold me over until I save up enough to get my Buick Riviera and my solobaric 12" L7's setup!!! Thanks in advance for any info!!!

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    this is primarily a car computer forum, so i doubt you will get too many responses on this one(there is a link with car audio sites in the car audio section)

    sound good, and last long: keep your music turned down, and everything will last longer. for sounding good, take the time to setup appropriate crossovers for your music style, speaker size, and power, and it will sound great for a long time.

    i would say to start off with about a 200hz hp crossover for the 3.5's, and a 80-150hz hp on the 6x9's, and a 80-150lp on the subs, but you can always play with it and find what works best for you...
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