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  • Newbie querying setup

    I am looking at putting a car pc in my 2006 Nissan Patrol. It will be replacing my current head unit.

    What I wish it to do eventually...
    Radio, TV and multimedia
    phone connectivity with my Win CE mobile via bluetooth
    internet access
    Connect with the car - engine diagnostics etc (it is a diesel ZD30 engine)
    anything else that comes to mind

    Specs I am considering
    OS - Windows 7
    Monitor - Lilliput 669GL 7"
    Motherboard - ECS H55H-I
    CPU - Intel i3-530
    RAM - 2GB pc1333
    HDD - 64GB Kingston SSD (it's a 4wd - I don't trust a standard drive offroad)
    Case -
    TV/Radio Tuner -
    PSU -
    Mini wifi keyboard
    USB hub
    external dvd
    card reader
    USB bluetooth
    USB wifi

    I haven't looked into amps as yet, not sure where to start on this - I know something about computers, nothing about car audio......

    Thoughts/critiques on my intended setup? am I missing anything?


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    i think the i3 is a little overpowered for the generic setup that you'll be using.

    i also don't think that that power supply will fit into that case along with that motherboard-- most cases are designed for m1/m2/m3 sized power supplies(and none of those will power a i3...)
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    carpc undecided


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      I thought it might be (it's actually a faster processor than the old C2duo in my desktop) I just don't want an Atom processor (can't justify it though, just don't like them) and this was the next best option I found

      I was planning on mounting the psu externally in a small case to itself - there is not much room in the computer case at all for anything


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        The i3 is actually more powerful than my desktop PC at home (E8400) I just don't like atom processors (don't know why, just don't like them) and sticking with intel the boards I saw were i3 or better cpus.

        The PSU I was going to get a small component box for and mount it outside the case - you are right there is not much room in that case for anything apart from the pc bits itself


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          gotta love moderation. Was having internet problems when I posted and I though it hadn't gone through when I checked a few hours later so I reposted. LOL


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            Well I have most of the bits except for monitor (hopefully will order next pay) I have had to order another case - the CPU fan on the i3 was too high, especially with the hdd mounted above it. have now gone for this one which has a bit more room

            I also substituted a different motherboard, have a gigabyte H55N-USB3 mini ITX.


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              hey kitiara, good luck with your install. i'm looking at doing a similar build but with dual screens. just waiting on a bit of money to pile up first.

              have you got any pictures? do you do any 4wd'ing? have you looked at Oziexplorer? i'll be looking at putting it in the bf's 'cruiser ute down the line.


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                Screen has arrived. no time to test tonight unfortunately :-( Now just waiting on the radio (had to get a different one as the one I had wasn't supported by Centrafuse)

                I have not taken any pics as yet as nothing has been installed into the car. I will be taking some pics then when it comes to the install but I am keeping car modding to a minimum (want it to be easily restorable to factory should I sell the car) Computer is built apart from the radio, has OS, centrafuse and other misc software installed. Was just going to use Destinator at this stage, may look at Oziexplorer later.

                I haven't don't any 4wding for a couple of years, mainly bought the Patrol for it's towing capacity (boat) but do hope to get some offroad stuff in should time permit (fultime work + other commitments = not much time.... bugger!)