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    Hi all,
    So i've got an SC400/Soarer, and i'm looking at removing the EMV and fitting a touchscreen lcd there with a carpc behind it.
    This mobo
    With maybe for power.
    Is that overkill?
    I'm also a bit confused as to how to connect everything to the factory speakers, but still reading faqs etc..
    Also, as i will be removing the factory tuner, is there a radio tuner, digital or otherwise anyone can recommend?

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    the atom board will work fine for most carpc tasks such as music, and gps.

    the m4 is way above what that board will need power wise,(a m1 will probably do fine) i had started out with a similar setup(atom board w/ dsatx) and it worked fine, but was nice when i had to upgrade to a pentium dual core setup for my audio processing, and didn't need a new power supply.

    the choice is yours.

    most car dashes will not have the room for a board of that size, and if they do, wiring, heat/air circulation, and serviceability can become a concern. i would recommend finding another location in the vehicle to mount the pc-- so that it gets more air, and is easier to service(and you will have to service it eventually).

    also, i know the faq's are a little vague, so post up your questions if the faq's still don't make sense, and i, or others will see what we can do.

    for the radio, i know that there are different radio options available, but i don't use any so i really don't know how good/bad they are. i know there is the griffin radio shark, directed/visteon hd radio hack, boomzbox hd, and hqct available..
    My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
    "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

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    carpc undecided


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      This is where i'm planning on mounting mine...
      Or i might put it in the dvd changer housing in the boot...


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        Hrmm.. I posted a reply last night..I wonder where it went..


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          This is where i'm planning on putting it.

          Or maybe in the cd stacker casing in the boot. not sure exactly yet..
          Has anyone tried on of these sorts of things?


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            HAHA couple of days later the first post shows up

            In regards to power and shutting down windows etc..
            Does the PSU (when you turn off the car) shut down windows? Or just stop supply to the PC?
            what is the normal thing to do? Shut down windows before turning car off? Or is there some automated way of doing it?
            Or does the PC go into sleep mode automatically somehow?(does this drain power?)



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              all of the intelligent dc-dc power supplies in the store will tell the computer to turn on, and will also tell it to turn off. basically, the power supply connects to the power switch button to trigger a power switch action in the computer.

              what the power switch action does-- if it shuts the pc off, hibernates it, puts it to sleep, etc. is defined in the operating systems power settings.
              My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
              "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

              next project? subaru brz
              carpc undecided


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                Cool, makes sense now thanks

                Would something like this be suitable as an amp for a carPC?


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                  for amps, whatever meets your power requirements will work(compare the rms rating of your speakers with the rms output of the amp)
                  My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
                  "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

                  next project? subaru brz
                  carpc undecided


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                    Time for an update, I'm finally gettting back to this..
                    Dash before modding:
                    And after removing EMV and converting aircon:

                    I got a 320GB laptop HDD. an Gigabyte GA-D510UD motherboard, and 2gb ram.
                    Got the DAB+ radio module from Craig Brass:
                    Though i think it's changed since i got it, as mines a little different.

                    I've got the Cadence amp mentioned earlier from other forums, as well as this monitor from a MP3car forum member:
                    also got a PSU from the same member:

                    Am i able to power the LCD from this PSU as well? EDIT: Actually it comes with a cigarette lighter adapter, which i think i'll use to power the LCD.
                    are there any wiring guides to show how things SHOULD be done? There's so much info on this site it's still confusing (half the reason it's taken me this long to get back to it)
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                      i believe you should be fine connecting the screen to the power supply-- just make sure to connect to the 12v wires, and not the 5v wires!

                      for wiring, it is typically recommended to run a new wire from the battery to prevent problems later.. many times, the fuse for the cigarette lighter actually powers more then just the cigarette lighter-- so the the fuse rating at the cig lighter is lowered..

                      when you run your own wire for any devices, you control the fuse rating, the wire size, and what is connected to the line-- virtually all aspects that make the factory wiring undesirable for use.

                      and troubleshooting becomes that much easier--because you know what that wire powers, where the fuse is, and how large the wire is, you can know exactly where to start troubleshooting, should anything go wrong..

                      and if you haven't seen it, 2k1toasters beautiful cigarette lighter artwork on could happen if you use the cigarette lighter:
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                      My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
                      "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

                      next project? subaru brz
                      carpc undecided


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                        ahh ok.. yeah i was going to run a new power cable for the AMP of course.. and probably for the actual PC as well..(so 2 new power cables)
                        So i'll do that and run the LCD off the PSU as described here:


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                          Nice, I like what you've done so far.

                          I think I may go a different direction. I'm going to attempt to tap into the audio signals from the CD changer in the boot. I want to keep my stereo intact as I have grown attached to it. However I think I'll wait and see how your dash turns out, if it looks super fantastic nice awesome I may just need to go for it.

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                            Well looking at it today, i don't think i'll have enough room behind the LCD to mount the PC in there as well... too many wires etc at the back.
                            I don't think i want to mount it in the boot as the vga cable won't reach and i don't want to risk using an extender due to signal degradation etc
                            So now i'm thinking i might have to get some sort of mini box and mount the PC, psu and HDD in the glovebox or something, though there won't be much airflow in there, so i'm not sure about that either..
                            Or maybe under the passenger seat maybe...
                            From others experience, what would be the best/easiest box to mount those things into?
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                              Wondering if something like this would do the job ok..?? ideas?

                              Remove the built in DC-DC converter and hopefully install the M2-ATX psu...
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