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    heloo Guys

    I bought a new Kia forte 2010 , and in fact I was thinking in installing a double din dvd .. until I saw the solution in car pc. I already did some research, but unfortunately I dont understand a lot of the installation process in the car so I have few questions before I start the project:

    1º The original radio donesent come with a 2 din spot.. SO i would neet to change the front dash :

    I found a new dash for it:

    I also found a new surrounding dash:

    Now, Before I start the project I need to find what is the best way to install the carpc into my forte...

    If I keep the original sound system will I be able to install the carpc also??? with the surrounding dash kit? will them work together??? my car has usb and p2 entry .. so maybe i can connect the carpc to my original soung on aux??

    What about the wheel controls???? will they still work???

    I need some opinions before starting this project!!


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    yes, if you use the dash add-on that attaches at the top of the dash for the carpc screen, you should be able to use the aux-in to supply audio to the factory stereo.

    with this method, everything in the car will work exactly as it does with a mp3 player-- ie: your steering wheel controls will work for most functions, but you will not be able to change songs, or other things on the carpc using the steering wheel controls.

    if you choose to replace the factory stereo with the carpc, you might be able to get the steering wheel controls-- it depends on how they are setup-- there is some devices that might be able to decipher the signal from the steering wheel controls to allow them to control the computer, but this is very broad-- without knowing your car, i can't say if it will or will not work..

    also, the way that you would connect the carpc to the speakers might also need extra parts if you remove the factory radio.

    if your car has a amp that takes rca, or low level audio inputs, you should be able to connect to it with just a couple of adapter cables.

    if your car uses the factory deck to power the speakers, you will need a amp--amps range from $15-$200, depending on model, and power rating..
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