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Pionner Avic-D3 wiring question

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  • Pionner Avic-D3 wiring question

    Hi All!
    Im a newbie here so please- if Ive posted in wrong section please move it to the right section
    Ive done some research but with no results.
    Ive bought used Pioneer Avic-D3 and have some wiring problems.
    First: There was a cable attached to the set and I believe its IP-Bus cable. On the other side it have a Ipod connector and 2 loose wires and one is with a fuse.
    The unit have an Ipod connector at the back so what is the attached cable for and if its to connect ipod so what are 2 loose wires for?
    Second: in the user manual there is a statement that say, that I have to connect vehicle speed sensor and handbrake sensor to properly connect the unit. Is that really needed? what for? The handbrake connector was soldered to the (-) cable in the ISO connector so previous owner hacked it somehow?
    Please help and sorry for my english.

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    First: IP-Bus cable may have been going to a satellite translator/tuner box or cd changer, who knows though. The 2 wires on the IPOD adapter, when connected to vehicle power will allow the Ipod to charge while connected.

    Second: Connecting to the VSS wire is to make the navigation function. This may or may not be necessary depending on what the head unit is capable of using to track motion.

    Third: The connection to the hand brake is for the video enable wire so that you can't watch movies or possibly access certain menus while driving. Basically is just gets grounded when the brake is applied. It sounds like the prior owner did not like this restriction so he just connected that wire to the ground wire on the connector which works for many brands to bypass the safety feature.
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