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Mo-Co-So doubledin screen didnt fit

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  • Mo-Co-So doubledin screen didnt fit


    I bought the transflective LCD screen with double din frame mounted. However the mount didnt fit my car.

    What should I do now? What do I need? I'm really out of ideas...
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    tell us what car it is. Also, you may need a harness.
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      For aesthetics, you need a trip plate to cover up the gaps between the edges of the screen and the edges of your bezel.
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        It's a Golf MK4.

        Maybe I should clarify as my question was a bit hard to understand. In picture nr 2 you see there is a 1cm gap between the screen mount and the "exit" of the 'dashconsole'.

        How should I solve this? I'm thinking of buying some sort of cover like DarquePervert suggested, but where do I find that?


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          Doing a little search on Google and I found this:

          Autoleads: FP-17-00 - VW Golf MkIV Double Din Facia

          Some of the forums suggest that you might have to buy this part from the UK, but search around and you might find one in the US.


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            Looks very good. Will wait a little more before I order. Also sent them a mail with the pictures.

            I live in Norway, so UK is surely best considering shipping.


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              Do they make one of those for a 2002 cavalier...I have my double-din lilliput stuffed in there with the same problem.


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                I have a MK4 Jetta and the same kit. In my case I made a bezel using 1/2 mdf then just used outdoor double sided tape to secure. Sand down then a proper paint and you'll be set. I used mdf as it's extremely easy to work with and sand down. Just an idea


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                  typisk sent me an email earlier today about this problem. My suggestion would be to get the trim ring from bybyte. It is made to fill the small gap like Typisk has, where a double DIN trim kit will not work.


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                    At least you have a solution in the form of a trim ring. In my case with Hyundai Tucson, the ByByte frame is over-sized by more than 5mm and simply wont fit into the opening. The Bybyte frame is not the best fit for every vehicle which is supposedly 2DIN.


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                      Keep in mind not all cars are actually 2DIN. Some cars are a little skimpy with the dimensions, other are way oversized. That's why there are trim rings. OEMs dont have to make anything for aftermarket systems.
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